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The Rabbits Foot

About us

The Rabbit's Foot is a lot of things. At its core, though, it is a place that wants to serve this industry and the people in it. We want to invest in and lift up the people that work here. This is part of the reason why we pay a living wage and have eliminated tipping. This is why 10% of house-made goods go into a health insurance fund for everyone. We also work to build out unique roles and schedules to accommodate the lives and interests of the people that give a large part of themselves to be here and serve the community around us.  This ethos also extends to the goods we use and sell. We use primarily locally sourced produce, meat, milk, and eggs for our food program. The heart of our market are the local and regional makers that fill the shelves. The Rabbit's Foot is meant to be a place that makes it easy for new small business owners to get their products in front of hundreds of people every day. We have a strong and unwavering belief that we are all better when we support and encourage one another.  We also just want to be a welcoming piece of the neighborhood. If someone just wants a coffee, we've got you. Stocking up for a party? Getting some gifts? Filling your pantry? We've got you there too. We want to be a modern version of the places we all grew up with and loved going to. Whether a bodega, corner store, gas station, or general store they have left their impressions on us. It would be dishonest if we tried to just recreate these places. So we do this modern version that looks to love our community by not just serving the neighborhood around us but also by caring for the people that work here and the people that make wonderful things for us to sell.  We all want to thank you for making it this far, and reading about us, and what we try to do each day. We hope you stop by sometime and say hello!  Now, go out and "Make Your Own Luck!"